TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2023 / MARDI LE 20 JUIN, 2023

1.     4828

Dispute between CPKCR and MWED concerning the dismissal of J.K in connection with the biological monitoring substance test performed on November 3, 2021 which showed a positive result for cocaine and alcohol in only the hair samples. Violation of Policy HR203 and Procedures HR203.1, section 4 of HR203, 28-day ban, 3.1.5 CROR Rule G and Relapse Prevention Statement of Understanding agreement dated January 4, 2020. (COUNSEL)

2.     4829

Dispute between CPKCR and MWED concerning the dismissal of C.H. for violation of the terms and conditions of your Structured Relapse Prevention Program SRPP through CP health Services, Life Woks Workplace Support Program and return to work agreement that was signed on December 22, 2021. (COUNSEL)

3.     4830

Dispute between CNTL and UNIFOR concerning the company’s expanded duties onto CNTL Owner-Operators at the Brampton Intermodal Terminal (BIT) regarding instructions and duties to fuel heated and refrigerated intermodal cargo containers, alleged violation of clause 2.09 of the Standard Contract between CNTL and is Owner-operators, and Articles 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and Appendix 4 of the Collective Agreement. (COUNSEL)


4.     4831

Dispute between CNR and TCRC-CTY-C concerning the release of conductor trainee M.K. from the Company’s service after being deemed unsuitable for the position of Conductor. (COUNSEL)

5.     4832

Dispute between CNR and TCRC-LE-W concerning A.C. and the assessment of 20 demerits for involvement leading up to train Q1365130 being placed into an emergency brake application at mile 126.07 Wainwright Sub, November 1, 2017, a violation of Form 8960 G 1.2 while you were working as Locomotive Engineer; including two violations of CROR 14L at mile 127.2 and mile 126.1 Wainwright sub during this emergency event. (COUNSEL)

6.     4833

Dispute between CNR and TCRC-LE-W concerning A.C. and the assessment of 45 demerit points for violation of CROR 439 by going past signal indicating STOP at Signal 488N at Kelliher (MP48.4) on the Watrous Sub while operating the Q11251-15 on November 17, 2019. This resulted in the assessment of discharge from service for accumulation of 100 demerits. (COUNSEL)

THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 2023 / JEUDI LE 22 JUIN, 2023

7.     4834

Dispute between CPKCR and TCRC-LE-E concerning J.M and the denial of Manulife Weekly Indemnity Benefits (WIB) between June 14, 2016 and November 1 2016. (COUNSEL)

8.     4835

Dispute between CPKCR and TCRC-CTY-E concerning C.W and an ESB’s declined wage claim (OA) due to his pool turn not having 10 hours off duty (8 + 2) between round trips as submitted by C.W. for being withheld from his regular position to protect work as a Locomotive Engineer. (COUNSEL)

9.     4836

Dispute between CPKCR and TCRC-CTY-W concerning the dismissal of A.U. for non-negative test results during the pre-conductor qualifying drug and alcohol testing. A violation of HR203 Alcohol and Drug Policy and HR 203.1 – Alcohol and Drug Procedures. (COUNSEL)  

10.  4837

Dispute between CPKCR and TCRC-LE-W concerning D.K. and the assessment of a 40-day suspension for exceeding the limited of your TGBO from mile 22.36 Windermere Subdivision to SNS Fairmont, while working as the Engineer on train 883-067 on March 23, 2022. A violation of Rule Book for Train and Engine Employee Items 3.5 Tabular General Bulletin Order (TGBO) and Train and Engine Safety Rule Book T-0 Job Briefings. (COUNSEL)